Interview für das Advanced Carpfishing Magazine

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Märzausgabe 2010

File 2What is the funniest rumour that you've ever heard about yourself? Some of the younger German guys who come into the sport think I am English because I have published a few interviews with English anglers or articles about fishing in England and I work together with English companies. When they see me at shows they often call me Philipp Brown but my real name is  Philipp Braun actually with a different pronunciation. But I don´t mind, it´s funny to me.

What's the best gadget that you've bought over the last 12 months? I´ve bought a few very old S 6000 T Daiwas for my new Hi S rods and am very happy with the combination now.

The carp world would be a worse place without... My friends as sometimes I wonder where I would be without them. One of my friends has designed my website ( and produces our movie (coming up autumn 2010), another friend helps rolling all my bait very patiently, my fishing partners have borrowed me their boats, landing nets or whatever I forget to bring to the lake. They even bring me food from takeaways as I almost always carry not enough food with me. My mate Lee Jackson even tries to teach me the art of drinking red wine without feeling sick the next morning as I  have done an interview with him for a German carpmeeting with a terrible headache last year but that´s a different story… :)

Curry, Chinese, Fish and Chips or Pizza on the bank?  Anything that my mates bring me or cook for me on the bank as I´m the worst cook ever.

If you could turn the clock back you'd... Probably I´d  fish Wraysbury at the time when Mary was still there.

What would be your career highlight and low point? The highlight of my carpfishing life was my time at Conningbrook where I met so many nice people, saw Twotone and the Friendly live and caught a big common myself. The low points are the moments in which I think I don´t have enough time for my fishing as I work very much but then I remember that fishing is just a hobby, it´s my passion and as long as I can get out every once in a while and catch myself a nice old carp I´m happy.

Which five anglers would you pick to save your life? My close friends Jan Ulak, Moritz Rott, Jascha Sucker, Dirk Ulmer and Martin Schöning (the order of the  names doesn´t say anything!) as I trust them very much.

Happiness is... To have dreams and targets but not to forget to “smell the flowers along the way” as Rod Hutchinson once said if memory serves me right. To find a balance in my life between full time work, time for my sister and parents,  friends, girls and of course fishing seems to be the ultimate goal for me and whenever I feel close to reaching a balance in my life I´m happy.